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We understand that your child's transition into secondary school education can be a source of stress and concern. We aim to make the process as smooth as we possibly can for the pupils and for parents too.

Throughout the course of Years 5 and 6, pupils will have the opportunity to visit The Weston Road Academy, to take part in various activities such as ICT workshops, video conferences and taster lessons. These sessions are a chance for pupils to get used to their future surroundings and facilities. In addition, we have a full Induction Day for Year 6 pupils in July each year. This is a chance for pupils to experience a full day with us, so they know what to expect when they come to us in September. Pupils are given a special timetable and chaperoned by Year 11 Prefects as they become accustomed to life at The Weston Road Academy. 

Key Dates

The key dates for pupil transitions are as follows:

Wednesday 2nd September 2020 - First Day of Term for Year 7 only 


 Please check back for open evening and open morning dates.


WRA Catchment Area Map

The map below identifies our catchment boundaries.  

WRA Catchment Area Map

If you are still unsure of your catchment school, you can check the local authority information pages - see link below.

Staffordshire County Council Admission School Details


Parental Information - Joining Us in September 2020

We are currently in the process of contacting parents of children joining us in September 2020 via the email address provided by Staffordshire County Council School Admissions.  We will be asking for your support with gathering the bulk of our transition information electronically.  Parents will be asked to complete the consent form booklet (below) and return this via email to as soon as possible.  We will then be able to pick up with the remaining parents that do not have electronic communication once we return to school. 

Welcome Pack and Prospectus Documents

Consent Forms 2020

If you are having any difficulty opening the document on your device these instructions may help.  If you require a paper version of the form, please contact



Under 16 School Transport Information  

Please note that there is no drop off or pick up facility from our school site. Parents/carers collecting/dropping off their child by car will need to find an alternative, safe, legal and considerate place to park.  We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Virtual Transitions Programme

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19, we are unable to offer our usual transition arrangements this year. To help support your child's transition from primary to secondary school, we have put together a seven week virtual transition programme.  Resources will be emailed to Year 6 parents and added to the website on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's tutor at the email address below or the school office at

Week 1 - Be Awesome

Be Awesome Powerpoint

Task: What have you learnt form primary school?

Week 2 - Unlocking Your Mind

Unlocking The Mind Powerpoint  

Be Extraordinary - The Best of Me Powerpoint Postcard

Task: Return the 'Best of Mean' virtual postcard to your tutor.  Create a worry jar.


Introduction from Key Staff - Introductions from Mrs Kingman (Headteacher), Mrs Lambert (Transitions Manager), Mrs Andrew (Year  7 & 8 Pastoral Leader) and Miss Parnell (Pastoral Support Manager for Year 7 & 8 ).

Tutor Introduction - Mrs Byattc - contact

Tutor Introduction - Miss Charlesworth - contact 

Tutor Introduction - Mr Hulme - contact 

Tutor Introduction - Mrs Lane - contact 

Tutor Introduction - Mrs Pringle - contact 

Tutor Introduction - Mrs Robinson - contact 

Tutor Introduction - Mrs Whittaker - contact 


Week 3 - Making a Change

Making the Change Powerpoint

Question and Answer Video

Task: Preparing for your new school.  School Memories.

Week 4 - Lost But Not Lost

Lost but not lost Powerpoint

Video Tour of the Academy

Task: Watch the tour of the Academy video.  Think about what you can do if you do get lost.

Week 5 - Bouncebackability

Bouncebackability Powerpoint

Worksheet - Word Hard, Be Kind

Task: What does 'work hard' and 'be kind' mean?


Week 6 - Superhero

What Is Normal Anyway? Powerpoint


Uniform Policy

Welcome Pack Uniform information

Information from Crested Schoolwear

Equipment List

School Map

Task: Find out about the uniform you will be wearing


Week 7 - First Week of Term Arrangements

First Week of Term Arrangements Document

First Day Arrangements Video

Be Extraordinary Certificate

Activity Week Information

Virtual Sports Day Information

Email from Mrs Lambert Regarding Year 7 Group Bubbles for September


Please note there will be no school transport for year 7 pupils on Wednesday 2nd September as this would usually be an academy inset day.  We apologise for any inconvenience.